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Welcome to Red Rock Geological Enterprises!

Red Rock Geological Enterprises is my consulting firm begun after 25 years of university teaching in Texas. Upon moving to Santa Fe I started a new career working with archaeologists in New Mexico and adjacent states on the geology of prehistoric sites.

My approach to dealing with prehistory could be called landscape-evolution analysis. The landscape is a mix of bedrock, landforms, soils, climate, plants, animals, and people in a single package. Looking at sites to resolve the relationships of the above requires a firm stratigraphy-sedimentology-paleoecology, and a tight geochronology of the geologic-archaeological context.

The physical landscape at any one interval of time is characterized by erosion, deposition, or stability. The interaction of past climate and vegetation plays a pivotal role in determining the condition of the physical landscape. The location, formation, and preservation of archaeological sites are in turn largely determined by the big picture of landscape evolution.

I work with archaeologists on the geomorphology of specific sites as well as larger areas where many sites are being investigated. I put sites into the context of regional patterns of landform development and past environments.

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